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Olympia- The Sports and Fitness Committee


Winners never quit and quitters never win. Sports do not build character. They reveal it.

-Heywood Broun. 


We at the Sports & Fitness Committee are in charge of choosing and assembling numerous teams for various sports. Thanks to the Sports & Fitness Committee, which maintains cricket, volleyball, badminton, basketball, table tennis, football, and other indoor sports equipment, the institute has a thriving sports culture. Since the business world and the world of sports share many similarities, including training, competition, victories and losses, passion, and hard work, our committee pledges to meet the sporting demands of the student pool of the institute.


Along with the numerous sports activities, the Committee also maintains the college gym and conducts group workout sessions for the batch. We believe that consistency is the key and help one another get fitter, stronger and better everyday.

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Sports & Fitness Logo.png

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Meet The Team

Senior Executive Members

Pranav Nawandar_Photo.jpg

Pranav Nawandar

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

A Small Man going for Big Dreams

Kathan Shah_Photo.jpg

Kathan Shah

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Keep the dream alive: Hit the snooze button

Deepshikha Rahi_Photo.webp

Deepshikha Rahi

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

A nomad exploring life with gloves on

Raghav Jhawar_Photo.png

Raghav Jhawar

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Reality is mearly an Illusion, so I'd rather live in the Dreamland

Kirti Tyagi_Photo.jpg

Kirti Tyagi

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

I only go out to get me a fresh appetite for being alone

Paricheta Verma_Photo.jpg

Paricheta Verma

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

I'm a daydreamer and a stargazer

Sparsh Bansal_Photo.jpeg

Sparsh bansal

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Pour your heart out, it's all confidential here!

Yash Khunekar_Photo.jpg

Yash Khunekar

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Only thing I live for 'Excitement'

Disha Gupta_Photo.jpg

Disha Gupta

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Chirpy at heart and a seeker of new experiences


Junior Executive Members


Aakrosh Kalsotra

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Life is too short, call the dibs!

Kushaagra Nirwan_149KC_SportsandFitness committee.jpeg

Kushaagra Nirwan

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon


Maithili Khade_146KC_Sports_FitnessCommittee_edited.jpg

Maithili Khade

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

A dreamcatcher for experiences that make me feel alive!

Satyam Sanodiya_164KC_Sports _ Fitness Committee_edited.jpg

Satyam Sanodiya

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

To stay fit, I chase happiness and adventure

Soumita Mondal_169KC_Sports _ Fitness Committee_edited.jpg

Soumita Mondal

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

An enthusiastic, fun loving, weird creature

Tarun Kulhar_173KC_SportsandFitnessCommittee.jpeg

Tarun Kulhar

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

I create my own path and walk it with joy

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