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The Leadership Cell

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The Leadership Cell at IIFT Kolkata aims to nurture budding leaders through relevant events and workshops and by offering resources to help students improve various determinants of a strong personality such as self-belief, self-awareness, accountability, discipline, etc. The Leadership Cell has taken up the responsibility of helping the students become aware of these traits, and hone and develop them even further as ethical, effective, and compassionate leaders.


  • The club is a forum for students who wish to incorporate a holistic personality development program as a part of their career goals.

  • Develop leadership traits in students

  • Enable them to think like leaders and develop others to take leadership positions


  • Leadership Talk Series (Guest Lectures)-To equip the batch with the skills of networking /Decision making.

  • Negotiation /Communication skills /Storytelling(Presentation)/ Personality Development Workshop-To help students analyze their strengths & weaknesses and overall personality traits

  • Tark-Vaad -To develop debating and communication skills and introduce new debating styles as part of learning to be an effective leader.

  • Mock Case Discussions (Theme on Board Meetings)-Focusing on leadership structures in organizations and how decisions are taken helps in improving decision-making skills

  • Inter Batch Debate Competition-To develop debating and communication skills

  • For greater online engagement of IIFT and TLC with the relevant audiences by:

1. Trivia Stories-Question and answer format posts to engage with the audience

2. Leadership styles(Rise and Fall Series- Showcasing different stories of leaders whose decisions made or broke organizations

3. Book Review/Suggestions-Synopsis of books written on the subject of leadership and management to appraise the audience of the tools and theories in a practical manner

4. Leader of the month- To highlight famous leaders and their contributions along with their unique leadership styles to better understand their points of view and impart learnings to the audience

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Meet The Team

Senior Cell Coordinators

Nikhil Agrawal_Photo.jpg

Nikhil Agrawal

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

A filmmaker who writes stuff for himself to do

Anjali Mangla_Photo.jpg

Anjali Mangla

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Spreads positivity, filled with creativity

Jashim Popli_Photo.jpg

Jashim Popli

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Comfortable at the edge of the comfort zone


Junior Cell Coordinators


Aman Garg

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

An ordinary boy with extraordinary aims

Sweta Priyanshu_172KC_TLC.jpg

Sweta Priyanshu

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Taking one step at a time, inching towards to my goal

Kunal Singhal_29KA_TLC.jpeg

Kunal Singhal

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Voraciously energetic and curious with good sense of humor

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