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The Pharmaceutical industry is a highly emerging sector and has shown exponential growth in the recent past with the advent of various disorders and diseases, along with their cures; with this upward trajectory set to continue in the future. With MBA graduates exploring their niche in various roles in the industry, it has become imperative to make inclusive efforts towards imparting extensive knowledge about the roles and opportunities available in this sector to the students.

Apotheco – The Pharma Cell of IIFT Kolkata works to keep the students abreast of the current happenings in the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare sector and imparts knowledge about the same. The cell acts as a connecting link between the pharmaceutical industry and students across various B-schools.



  • Organizing guest lectures/workshops by professionals and Subject Matter Experts of the pharmaceutical industry.

  • Organizing Intra and Inter B-school quizzes and competitions, so as to encourage students to learn new concepts and help acclimatize them to the world of corporate competitions.

  • The Pharma Newsletter, published by Apotheco, comprises the basic aspects of the pharmaceutical industry, as well as articles and case studies that help students coming from diverse backgrounds who are aspiring for a career in this sector, and gives them a head start to succeed in this field.

  • Alumni interaction sessions between industry stalwarts and the students were arranged to help them identify different career options in the pharmaceutical industry.

  • To conduct preparatory sessions for the summer and final placements of students in various pharmaceutical and medical devices companies that visit the campus


  • Regular social media updates under the banner of Pharma Fridays for news, company strategies of pharma, and the launching of a new social media series under the name of Pharma Phundas, which aimed to clarify some common lingo used in the world of Pharma Business.


  • Pharma Compendium prepared to enable the preparation of candidates for the Pharma companies visiting on campus for placements.


  • Held Pharma Talk in Vivaan 7.0 International Business Summit. The session was delivered by Mr. Prakash Maheshwari (VP of Strategic Leadership at Glenmark), who talked about India's road ahead towards moving upwards in the pharma value chain.

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