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The annual flagship business event of IIFT Kolkata, Vivaan, is back for its seventh edition. Hosted by one of the eminent B-schools in the country, Vivaan 7.0 was a three-day event which was hosted a diverse range of summits, talks, and competitions. Eagerly awaited by the students of all the premier Business Schools of India, Vivaan 7.0 was an engaging and stimulating event, with opportunities to debate and deliberate, to apprehend and comprehend, for students and panelists alike. With IIFT being a student driven institute, all the events were be held under the banners of the various student run bodies - the clubs and cells of IIFT. As the world reopens after the catastrophic second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, countries are still recovering from hiccups caused by the double-blow of healthcare and economic crisis. This crisis also brings with it an opportunity to build a better world that is resilient to face any such challenges in the future. With this spirit various clubs and committees at IIFT have brought in several contemporary topics that draw attention and stimulate discussion. The various summits organized by the clubs and cells of IIFT attracted the best minds in all the domains of management and beyond to share their insights and expertise. The event was kickstarted with keynote address followed by various summits and symposiums in the field of marketing, finance, pharma, trade, operations, IT/Analytics as well as discussions on leadership, entrepreneurship, sustainability, and social responsibility. In the past, all the summits have been graced by eminent speakers, ranging from top corporate professionals to experienced bureaucrats from all parts of the country, all being salient leaders in their respective domains. Vivaan 7.0 was  the cradle of competition for future leaders from all the top business schools across the country, in the form of its flagship corporate competitions. Intense competition guarantees not just an exceptional learning experience, but also monetary rewards for the top talents that compete in these events. Hence, Vivaan 7.0 was an event that would tackle the major issues being faced by the corporate world, while simultaneously broadening the thought process of future leaders from across the country and the world.
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