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Preparation Committee

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Student Body Summary 
The Preparation Committee is formed from amongst the 2nd year students, who are responsible for ensuring that the incoming 1st year students have all–round exposure to the domains that are key to their upcoming summer internship placements viz. Strategy / Consulting, Finance, Marketing, Product Management, Trade, Operations, etc.

Student Body Agenda 
The main agenda of the Preparation Committee is to ensure that the junior batch receives in depth knowledge of the various aforementioned streams via a rigorous process of KT sessions, impromptu quizzes and group discussions, mock interviews. It is a simulation exercise that aims to maximize benefit for the students and help them excel in their summer internship placement cycle. 

Student Body Initiatives 

The core initiatives of the Preparation Committee are as follows:

  1. Conducting Domain specific KT sessions

  2. Conducting knowledge checks in the form of intermittent quizzes and assignments

  3. Group Discussions covering plethora of topics viz. current affairs, social issues and other abstract topics

  4. Simulation of SIP interviews through mock Interviews

  5. Forming smaller cohorts of prep groups amidst the batch to ensure that they get consistent guidance from senior students in the form of one-on-one interactions and doubt clearing sessions.

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Cheshta Kamran


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Shreyan Hore


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