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The Editorial Board is responsible for showcasing the legacy of IIFT Kolkata through content creation to provide a picturesque overview of the various happenings of the college. Proper and thorough maintenance of an official blog helps in giving a snapshot into the different events, both professional and cultural, to the outside world to glance into. Be it guest lectures by esteemed dignitaries or achievements of present students and alumni, we love to exercise our literary passion to pen down every alluring detail. We give every enthusiastic creative soul a live platform to roar to the world aloud- "Life at IIFT rocks big time!!". A proper balance between academics and non-academics, you get to have a sneak peek into the fun and frolic within the red walls that surround the buzz and hustle.



As the Editorial Board, we aim to provide a platform for the students of IIFT to express themselves through the literature of any kind, including but not limited to poetry and articles. We also collaborate closely with the many clubs and cells in the student body in various capacities, all with the ultimate goal of building the brand equity of our institution.

Student Initiatives

Asraar - To give people a platform to share their lovely thoughts and experiences
               Timeline- Started, one post every Sunday

Digital Magazine - One-stop website for all club, cells and committee related posts
                                  Timeline - Jan-March’22- Skeleton of Digital Magazine
                                                     July- Sept’22- Full-scale launch of the magazine

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Aashay Verma

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Probably best known for (D)CP

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Sampurna Chakraborty

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Weaving dreams through chaos and echoes

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Meghna Choudhary

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If lost, you’ll find me on the Marauder’s Map in Old Trafford, eating Pasta

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Nidhi Ranjan

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Traveling around the world through the prism of yellowed papers