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The Editorial Board bears responsibility for showcasing the best that IIFT Kolkata has to offer - be it the work done by our in-house experts in various fields in our Clubs, Cells, and Committees, the creative prowess of our students, or the achievements of our current students and alumni. We provide the world a window into the minds of IIFT students. In a typical year, us IIFT students have the privilege of having conversations with many esteemed professionals from the industry on topical events in the business environment. We work hard to document the crux of these discussions to preserve the lessons for everyone’s benefit.

We collaborate with students and various Clubs, Cells and Committees to highlight their contributions with the ultimate goal of building the brand equity of our institution.


Asraar - A platform for IIFT Kolkata students to share their lovely thoughts and experiences

Koleidoscope - A monthly Digital Magazine reflecting the great work of the students of IIFT Kolkata

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Editorial Board


Meet The Team

Senior Club Coordinators

Shumayl Ahmad_211KD_Edboard.jpg

Shumayl Ahmad

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Seeking serendipity

Vipul Yadav_116KB_EdBoard.jpg

Vipul Yadav

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I've got a fun meter. I use it to judge my productivity


Megha Gajbhiye

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Life is too short! Do give a              damn!


Molly Agarwal

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S.Aditya Sankara_161KC.jpeg

Aditya Sankaran

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Junior Club Coordinators

Atharva Bhajne_Edboard.jpg

Atharva Bhajne

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A silhouette chasing his dreams!

Aayra Singh_Edboard.jpeg

Aayra Singh

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A hidden book in the corner of a mystified library with myriad of chapters

Smrutirekha Dalai_Edboard.jpeg


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Gaia's good girl

Tushar Raj_Edboard.jpg

Tushar Raj

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The Greatest Dark Wizard of All Time!

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