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Information Management and Corporate Communication Committee | IIFT

The Information Management and Corporate Communication Committee (IMCC) is the sole body responsible preparing the various important documents and publications that are required for effective communication with corporates and other stakeholders.

Its responsibilities include the creation of the corporate brochure of the institute in a yearly fashion and consolidating the batch profile which displays details of the diverse batch of IIFT in a more convenient and quickly accessible format.

Further the committee also assumes responsibilities of verification and design of the standard IIFT student CV to satisfy current recruitment requirements and ensure transparency and consistency.

Each member of the committee functions with strong sense of ethics, creativity and professionalism as responsibilities in hand are of a very sensitive nature.

Ankit Gotmare_138KC_IMCC.jpg

Ankit Gotmare

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B Nitin Nataraj_132KC_IMCC.JPG

B Nitin Nataraj

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Deepak Jain

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Ishan Ranjan_201KD_IMCC_edited.jpg

Ishan Ranjan

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Meet The Team

Vijay Kharbade_235KD_IMCC.jpg

Vijay Kharbade

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Anti hero of my own movie 

Work smart. Party hard!

Kunal Singhal_29KA_IMCC.jpg

Kunal Singhal

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Voraciously energetic with good sense of humor

I am a versatile individual with a jolly nature


Janmejay Choudhary 

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Not completely useless, can be used as bad examples

After all this time ? Always 

Image 2023-02-28 at 17.59.36.jpeg

Tejas Patil

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Be invisible, until things get real

I’m rocking my world and owning it!

Hemanth Koonampuri_28KA_IMCC.jpg

Hemanth Koonampuri 

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A curious 'Sanchari' finding little corners in crowded places!

Kavya Johari_26KA.jpg

Kavya Johari

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Embrace change, for it is the only constant in life

Sunidhi Sharma_111KB_IMCC.jpg

Sunidhi Sharma

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Believe in yourself, because you have the power to achieve greatness.


Sonal Mandhana

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I’m rocking my world and owning it!

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