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Alumni Relations Committee

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Meet the Team

Senior Executive Member

John Avinash_Photo.png

John Avinash Srigiri

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The chicken crossed the road because it didn’t want me to eat it

Ashi Sinha_Photo - Ashi Sinha.jpeg

Ashi Sinha

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"Fun loving, carefree, will never share her bournville cranberry"

Dipti Tiwary _photo - Dipti Tiwary.jpg

Dipti Tiwary

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Happy soul, and always on a roll

Gokul_photo - Gokul Vijayakumar.jpg

Gokul Vijayakumar

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Petrol head, vintage heart, avid listener, minimalist...On a drive to unlock new experiences.

Kushagra Mokati.JPG

Kushagra Mokati

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Football makes me tick, trying to live more and regret less

Midhun S M_Photo - MIDHUN S M.jpg

Midhun SM

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"I too can command the wind, sir"- are the words that I live by


Sai Bharath Parvathareddy

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Simran_Photo - Simran Jain.jpeg

Simran Jain

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Professional worrywart who loves mud cakes and afternoon naps 

Tanisha Sharma_Photo - TANISHA SHARMA.jpg

Tanisha Sharma

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I see it. I like it. I want it. I'm sleepy. I tank it. 

TanviRohekar_Photo - TANVI ANIL ROHEKAR.jpg

Tanvi Anil Rohekar

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My life is a combination of Food, Friends, Traveling and Salsa



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Student Body Summary

Alumni Relations Committee(ARC) is a student body at IIFT which aims to build and maintain perennial relationships with our Alumni. IIFT as an institute has given the world great leaders in all domains of management and therefore, ARC's foremost aim is to nurture the bond existing between the 12000+ alumni and IIFT by providing a platform to interact with each other, enhance their professional network and keep abreast of latest development on campus. ARC also aims to provide the students with the opportunity to connect with alumni across the globe.

Student Body Agenda

We provide a medium to facilitate inputs from the distinguished alumni to further the cause and success of IIFT. We host a number of events throughout the year, ranging from Chapter Meets in various cities, the Silver Jubilee Celebrations as well as The Grand Alumni Reunion. Apart from several mentorship programs, we also organize a number of Guest Lectures through the InVision and Evolve Talk series for the current batches of IIFT.

Student Body Initiatives

  • TARANG - Alumni Podcast

  • ALUMINATI - Quarterly Alumni Newsletter

  • NETRITVA -  A virtual rendition of GAR  

  • EVOLVE & INVISION SERIES - Guest Lecture Series 

  • ALUMNI ROUNDTABLE - Domain specific panel discussions with alumni 

  • STUMENT - Student-Faculty Mentorship program 

  • ALUMNI BUDDY MENTORSHIP PROGRAM - Mentorship program from esteemed alumni to provide domain specific guidance to students.  

  • ENTREPRENEURSHIP MENTOR-MENTEE PROGRAM  - The program provides students with the opportunity to receive one-on-one mentoring from renowned entrepreneurs who are IIFT Alumni. 


Junior Executive Members

Aditya Jain_62KB_Alumni Relations Committee_edited.jpg

Aditya Jain

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Guitar & late night jams! (:

Aditya Sriram_122KC_Alumni Relations Committee_.jpeg

Aditya Sriram

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Dork Side of the Force

Gundra Likith _19KA_Alumni Relations Committee.jpg

Gundra Likith

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A Classic exuberant who's always up to talk about cricket over a cup of irani chai.


Jessica Singh

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Another Geet from Jab we Met

Kawan Guneet_86KB_Alumni relations committee.jpeg

Kawan Guneet

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Door pahadon main Chai ki pyali hath main liye, Chaand niharte hue, Old school classics sunte hue, koi Old school insaan mil jae toh kehna 'Namaste Guneet 🙏🏻'

Krishnakant Mukta_88KB_Alumni Relations Committee.jpeg

Krishnakant Mukta

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I orchestrate on coffee & conversations!

Shubhankar Kumar_167KC_Alumni Relations Committee.jpeg

Shubhankar Kumar

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It is wiser to find out than to suppose

Simar Kaur_108KB_Alumni Relations Committee_edited.jpg

Simar Kaur Chhabra

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Coffee in one hand, ambition in the other


Tamara Maria Robins

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Cheerful, energetic, warm and a little bitter, I'm the espresso shot personified

Vimal Varghese_56KA_Alumni Relations Committee_edited.jpg

Vimal Varghese Palliyan

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If time travel was possible, I’d still choose this day

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