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Alumni Relations Committee


Meet the Team

Senior Executive Member


Krishnakant Mukta

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I orchestrate on coffee & conversations!

Chandni Chugh_74KB.jpeg

Chandni Chugh

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The esoteric damsel in disguise

Simar Kaur_108KB_Alumni Relations Committee_edited.jpg

Simar Kaur Chhabra

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Coffee in one hand, ambition in the other

Karan Sachdev_25KA.HEIC

Karan Sachdev

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Sports aficionado with a knack for overthinking.

Vimal Varghese_56KA_Alumni Relations Committee_edited.jpg

Vimal Varghese Palliyan

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Quite a universe, I find myself in



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Student Body Summary

Alumni Relations Committee(ARC) is a student body at IIFT which aims to build and maintain perennial relationships with our Alumni. IIFT as an institute has given the world great leaders in all domains of management and therefore, ARC's foremost aim is to nurture the bond existing between the 12000+ alumni and IIFT by providing a platform to interact with each other, enhance their professional network and keep abreast of latest development on campus. ARC also aims to provide the students with the opportunity to connect with alumni across the globe.

Student Body Agenda

We provide a medium to facilitate inputs from the distinguished alumni to further the cause and success of IIFT. We host a number of events throughout the year, ranging from Chapter Meets in various cities, the Silver Jubilee Celebrations as well as The Grand Alumni Reunion. Apart from several mentorship programs, we also organize a number of Guest Lectures through the InVision and Evolve Talk series for the current batches of IIFT.

Student Body Initiatives

  • TARANG - Alumni Podcast

  • ALUMINATI - Quarterly Alumni Newsletter

  • NETRITVA -  A virtual rendition of GAR  

  • EVOLVE & INVISION SERIES - Guest Lecture Series 

  • ALUMNI ROUNDTABLE - Domain specific panel discussions with alumni 

  • STUMENT - Student-Faculty Mentorship program 

  • ALUMNI BUDDY MENTORSHIP PROGRAM - Mentorship program from esteemed alumni to provide domain specific guidance to students.  

  • ENTREPRENEURSHIP MENTOR-MENTEE PROGRAM  - The program provides students with the opportunity to receive one-on-one mentoring from renowned entrepreneurs who are IIFT Alumni. 

Aditya Jain_62KB_Alumni Relations Committee_edited.jpg

Aditya Jain

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Guitar & late night jams! (:

Mahendra Shaw_90KB_ARC.jpg

Mahendra Lal Shaw

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Just keep swimming 

Maithili Khade_146KC_ARC.jpg

Maithili Khade 

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In life, in game. I play, I win. Repeat. 

Suneha Gupta_79KB.jpg

Suneha Gupta 

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Just an ordinary girl with extraordinary dreams!!


Raghu Varenya Gollapudi

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Finessing my way through life

Junior Executive Member

Nitish Jain_ARC.JPG

Nitish Jain

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I'll do it, for a price.

Apoorva Jain_ARC.JPG

Apoorva Jain

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Tea enthusiast and a baker of delightful chocolate cakes

Krutika Sweta Shah_ARC.jpg

Krutika Sweta Shah

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Because easy doesn't change you!

Shreyansh Agrawal_ARC.jpeg

Shreyansh Agrawal

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Love Fiercely, Forgive Freely, Live Passionately

U Suhas_ARC.jpg

U Suhas

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When you give up, that’s when the game ends

Rashi Agrawal_ARC.jpg

Rashi Agrawal

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Selectively Social

Saurav Kumar Das_ARC.jpg

Saurav Kumar Das

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And why do we fall? So that we can learn to pick ourselves up

Dishant Kumar Pathak_ARC.jpg

Dishant Kumar Pathak

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When life gives you lemonade, make lemons. Life will be all like, "Whaaaat?"

Darla Bhargavi Aakanksha_ARC.jpeg

Darla Bhargavi Aakanksha

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Yes, I have three names, even I don't know why

Himangi Agrawal_ARC.jpeg

Himangi Agrawal

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Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. It is about learning to dance in the rain

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