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Life at IIFT Kolkata


You can also read more about the SEP experiences of students on the official website where IIFT students have shared their personal stories and journeys

The campus life is a vibrant affair at IIFT Kolkata with events like the Battle By The Lake, Titanomachy, Advait and the intellectual, cultural events that have created a close-knit community on the campus for the students and faculty. The advantage of the campus being professed by some of the best minds in the industry and the strategic benefits of the cultural and academic advantages of being in Kolkata have a dual effect in making the campus life as lively as it is.


Be it the culture of the outgoing batch imparting whatever they’ve gained to the incoming batch through rigorous and stimulating exercises or the intellectual energy of the debating, deliberating and go-getter spirit visible through various projects, competitions and debate platforms, the fabric of student life at IIFT Kolkata is one that prepares the individual in the best possible way to emerge as a leader in the future.

The hostel is a well-equipped block with a gym, as well as facilities for table tennis, carrom, football, volleyball, basketball, and various other sports. The hostel also has a number of common rooms where students work on their projects and assignments, as well as a Nescafe and a night canteen to satiate their late-night hunger pangs.

The campus has over the years become a befitting setup for students looking forward to an enriching campus life for the 2 years of their MBA in terms of hostel life, academic advancements, and a community of bright creative minds. 

Events and facilities that make us extremely proud of ourselves

  • IIFT Kolkata recently signed an MoU with the Department of MSME&T, Government of West Bengal to strengthen and improve exports. Advancements like these go a long way in aiding the culture of understanding and solving business problems strategically amongst the students.

  • Vivaan, The Leadership Conclave, Tedx - The IIFT Kolkata students’ bodies go the extra mile to make sure that students not only catch up with the ever-evolving nature of industries but also brainstorm enough to add value to this evolution. Anyone who witnessed the summits and conclaves at Vivaan 2019 knows that these were the most scintillating discussions that a B-school could be blessed with. These allow the students to interact with contemporary leaders and managers at various levels.

  • Model United Nations - The truest spirit of an MBA in International Business is properly nurtured in the campus through exciting initiatives like the Model United Nations where the students of IIFT Kolkata, along with participants from various other institutes across India and abroad, engage in debates in the right spirit and try developing a problem-solving insight for the world.

  • IIFT Kolkata stands high with the Centre for North Eastern Studies (CeNEST). IIFT Kolkata Campus, with the support of the North Eastern Council (NEC), recently initiated CeNEST (Centre for North Eastern Studies) as a dedicated centre for the exclusive development of north-eastern regions of India. This centre allows IIFT to provide handholding support to the entrepreneurs of the North-Eastern states, undertake research and analysis on developmental issues related to international trade and business of various North-Eastern states and conduction of training programs for the North-Eastern states. 

  • Library and the Bloomberg terminal: The library is open  24*7 for the students and has resources like the Bloomberg Terminal, The Foreign Trade Review Archive, the extensive e-database covering major journals, all of which make sure that every niche and academic interest of the student is met.

Image by Christine Roy

Student Exchange Program

  • The Student Exchange Program is one of the highlights of the MBA (IB) course in at IIFT. Being a foreign trade school, IIFT strongly believes in a multicultural learning environment and through SEP it provides its students with an opportunity to experience this very important facet of a B-school learning.

  • IIFT proudly boasts of collaborations with some of the finest B-schools across Europe where students can apply and spend a trimester learning a multitude of diverse subjects and honing their cultural aptitude. SEP provides an international platform for student networking like no other.

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