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The Socrates club of IIFT Kolkata was established with a mission to provide a platform for the members to gain insights into the strategy, consulting and general management industry, help the members develop the required skill-set required in the domain and involve members with the consulting industry to foster hands-on implementation of theories and ensures that they have enough dry-runs in decision making, value addition, and strategic management before moving on to the Consulting macrocosm.


To become a self-sustainable club that provides, among other platforms, an avenue for interactions with faculty, alumni and corporate enabling students to develop an understanding of the consulting domain.

  • Deliver practical knowledge to the club members and subscribers

  • Provide a platform that fosters open discussions and debates about contemporary issues

  • Showcase the potential of students in the domain of consultancy and strategy through various mediums


Goals and objectives:

  • To provide a platform so that the batch gets the ultimate exposure and information about Strategy consulting.

  •  To educate the students about what the industry is, the different types of consulting firms, their roles and functions in the value chain

  • To help the batch relate with the strategy courses in the curriculum and application of related frameworks taught in class.

  • To develop competencies in analytical and decision-making skills required in the industry.

  • To help the Batch put their learning into perspective through participation in various B-School events, corporate competitions, and live projects.



  • Workshops – Arranging Design Thinking workshop in partnership with reputed consulting learning and development platforms to equip the batch with the methodology and tools of design thinking.

  • Inter/Intra College Case Study Competition – Hosting an inter-college case study competition on D2C give students opportunities to showcase and develop competencies in analytical and decision-making skills required in the industry. Also host an intra-college competition Pinocchio where participants are given a business situation and are tested on economic feasibility, go-to-market strategies, and other concepts.

  • Guest Lecture Series on different topics to make the members updated regarding the world of strategy and consulting as well as during Pragati.

  • Case Nights - Organizing Knowledge Transfers Sessions and Workshops to help students put their learning into perspective.

  • Strategy and Analytics Summit during Vivaan – the flagship business summit of IIFT Kolkata.

  • Annual Publication – Consulting compendium encompassing consulting and strategy frameworks and cases.

  • Social Media Engagement– Corporate Epistles – weekly dose of business insights.

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Meet The Team

Senior Club Coordinators

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Rohit Roy

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The Sorting Hat keeps me in the house of sweet smiles and good food

Socrates_Nikhil M S.JPG

Nikhil M S

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Enjoying every moment in life

Rajat2 - Rajat Kumar Jindal.jpg

Rajat Jindal

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Chandni Chugh_74KB_Socrates.jpg

Chandni Chugh

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An epitome of dedication and passion, which never ceases.

Rahul Shanbhag_157KC_Socrates.jpg

 Rahul Gopal Shanbhag

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Books, adventure and a drop of madness are the elements in my alchemical potion.

Tejasv Kalra_233KD_Socrates.jpg

Tejasv Kalra

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Some days, I amaze myself. Other days, I put my keys in the fridge.

Junior Club Coordinators

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