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Pranav Bandaru_IIFTReflections - PRANAV

Pranav Bandaru

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Surya Teja Devulapalli

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Ahana Mukherjee

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M Sai Surya Girish

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Committee Summary

The Corporate Relations and Placement Committee at IIFT is a student managed body which acts as a liaison between industry and IIFT students. It consists of elected student members; who manage all corporate interactions throughout the year and handle the Summer and Final Placement Processes on campus.

The major functions of the Corporate Relations & Placement Committee includes :

  1. To organize Summer and Final Placements Process for IIFT students after deliberation with participating organizations and IIFT Administration

  2. To organize Guest Lectures by industry stalwarts and veterans for students with the view of apprising them of practical industry wide trends.

  3. To facilitate Live Projects and Corporate Competitions to keep students abreast with latest industry trends.

  4. To coordinate the activities of all student managed clubs/cells at IIFT in deliberation with IMF – the students council.

  5. To conduct TradeWinds and Vivaan – the Annual Business Summit of IIFT in coordination with students clubs and corporate industry.

Image by Annie Spratt

Meet The Team

IMG-20210424-WA0039 - SRIJITA PAL.jpg

Srijita Pal

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ABT - Bhanu Teja Ammanamanchi.jpg

Bhanu Teja

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IIFT Kolkata Reflections_Arjun Mishra -

Arjun Mishra

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