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The Entrepreneurship Cell at IIFT Kolkata

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  • The Entrepreneurship Cell aims to provide a conduit by which students can access entrepreneurial resources, network with successful entrepreneurs, and share ideas.

  • Our focus is on providing the IIFT’s student community with outstanding opportunities to develop individual entrepreneurial experiences. 

  • The cell focuses on encouraging and fostering entrepreneurship among the students. 

  • To provide practical learning opportunities and facilitate interaction with experienced entrepreneurs, industry experts, and venture capitalists to gain insight and inspiration.


  1. Annual Entrepreneurship Summit: E-cell conducts an annual Entrepreneurship summit as a part of Vivaan where eminent CXO level leaders of the industry share their experiences with the students and motivate the students to take up entrepreneurship as a career.

  2. Incubate A national-level case study competition in collaboration with Zuperly as part of Vivaan.

  3. Case Study competition: A national-level case study competition as part of Runneeti. | July 2022


  1. The E cell plans to work towards getting IIFT Kolkata its very own Accelerator.

  2. Start-up-Bytes: We also plan to keep our followers updated regarding the happenings of the start-up world, hence we launched this new Social Media campaign

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Meet the Team

Senior Cell Coordinators

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Kunj Shah

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Live a life worth remembering



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I am neither especially clever nor especially gifted. I am only very, very curious

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Sarthak Chauhan

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I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been.

Junior Cell Coordinators

Sagrika Mahajan_E Cell.jpeg

Sagrika Mahajan

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Mind at the shore, heart in the sky

Aditi Agarwal _ E Cell _edited.jpg

Aditi Agarwal

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Sunset chaser, story seeker, perpetual adventurer

Farzana Ramsan_ECell.jpg

Farzana Ramsan

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"I wear my overthinking crown proudly, ruling a kingdom of ideas with unyielding ambition."

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