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The Equity Research Cell at IIFT strives to bring a culture of critical analysis and thorough research of investment avenues. It also helps the student community in building requisite knowledge in the specific domain they want to excel. At Equity Research Cell, we help those students who want to pursue their career in finance, more specifically in equity research, by floating various competitions such as stock pitch report preparation, virtual trading, etc, and by conducting various knowledge transfer sessions on topics of relevance. We also publish quarterly sectoral reports on various sectors based on technical and fundamental analysis. At ERC, we strive to nurture the talent of enthusiastic students by providing them a platform where they can unleash their potential.


ERC, The Equity Research Cell at IIFT is a student-run initiative that aims to encourage the students to develop an enthusiasm for active market analysis and practice classroom learning through implementation. It also fosters discussions related to economics and business stability owning to the close connection of equity performance with the firm environment.



  1. Releases Compendiums and Knowledge Transfer sessions: To prepare the batch for the Summer Internship Program, ERC conducted “knowledge Transfer sessions” and also shared reading & interview material with the batch.

  2. Expanding social media presence by posting relevant content: Fundamental & Technical analysis and Sectoral Analysis were covered through the social media posts.

  3.  To organize talks, summits, workshops, guest lectures, seminars, conferences, etc. by industry stalwarts.



  1. Managing Student Investment Fund

  2. Organize Intra and Inter College events such as Mock Stock Exchange, Stock Pitch, etc.

  3. Hosting a bi-annual national article writing competition on D2C give students opportunities to showcase and further develop their research skills on topics that are highly relevant in today’s time

  4. Conducting Book Club Activity with the aim of diversifying equity and financial knowledge

  5. Arranging personal finance sessions with the objective of developing a brief understanding of personal finances and wealth management

  6. ​Conduct workshops and speaker sessions to provide a practical understanding of the word of finance

  7. Regular posts on Instagram, LinkedIn: Trading Thursdays- technical analysis of stocks and Savor Sundays – to provide insights in a fun and quirky way.

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Junior Cell Coordinators

Ambarish Kumar Mishra_ERC_edited.jpg

Ambarish Kumar Mishra

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In the world of chatGPT, its my originality that shines through.

Subodh Patil_ERC.jpg

Subodh Patil

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Never give up on something that you can’t go a day without thinking about.

Jay Patel_ERC_edited.png

Jay Patel

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Live up as if you were to die tomorrow


Meet The Team

Senior Cell Coordinators

Mayank Modi_91KB_ERC.jpg

Mayank Modi

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Don't tell a lie to be loved, speak the truth to be hated.

Likith Naik_30KA_ERC.jpeg

Likith Naik

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