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Event Management Committee


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The Event Management Committee is an enthusiastic and dedicated team of students entrusted with the responsibility of organizing and executing a wide range of events and activities within the institute. 
They bring together prominent events such as the annual flagship International Business event Vivaan, the esteemed TEDxIIFTKolkata, the strategy fest Ranneeti, and the vibrant Annual Cultural fest known as 'Advait'. Alongside their event management, the committee actively secures sponsorships for these events and maintains close collaboration with other student bodies to ensure smooth execution and successful outcomes. 
Driven by their passion for event management, the committee strives to create unforgettable experiences that foster learning, collaboration, and entertainment for the entire IIFT Kolkata community.


Meet The Team

Senior Executive Members

Akash Deep Mishra_3KA_EMC.jpg

Akash Deep Mishra

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Adventurous soul who finds joy in exploring new horizons and embracing the unknown.

Akash Sharan_63KB_EMC.jpeg

Akash Sharan

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I know god is always watching me, that’s why I entertain him

Abhit Singh_2KA_EMC.jpg

Abhit Singh

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

It never gets easier. You just get better

Kanha Sharma_84KB_EMC.jpg

Kanha Sharma

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Never skip your breakfast

Manu Aryan_31KA_EMC.jpg

Manu Aryan

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Shinzou Wo Sasageyo!!!

Nitesh Sinha_213KD_EMC.jpg

Nitesh Sinha

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

I'd rather be the person who smiles than the one who doesn't smile back

Shivam Gupta_165KC_EMC.jpg

Shivam Gupta

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Life is a story, Make yours the best seller!

Shreya Joshi_166KC_EMC.jpg

Shreya Joshi

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Food cannot define me but shall definitely define my mood for the day!

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