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As a discipline, Finance is one of the most sought-after streams in B-schools in general, and IIFT in particular. It encompasses varied topics like Macroeconomic Policy Decisions, International Trade Finance, Union Budget analysis, Basel Amendments, Valuation, etc. which helps open up a wide variety of roles for MBA graduates in multiple fields.

Capital, the finance and investments club of IIFT, is a student-run initiative that works towards generating and boosting interest among students in the functional area of finance. It aims to be the platform for fine-tuning students’ skills in various critical areas of finance like Corporate Finance, Investments, Valuations, Banking, Financial markets, Wealth Management, and many more. It is the go-to club for any queries or doubts related to finance and endeavors to serve as a bridge between the industry and the student community. It is also instrumental in ensuring preparedness for placements, helping students keep up with the latest developments in the world of finance.


The various activities performed and events conducted by the Capital Club are summarized as follows: -

  • To conduct electives and certifications in collaboration with esteemed organizations.

  • To arrange knowledge-sharing sessions and intellectual discussions on various pertinent issues in the world of finance.

  • To encourage students to learn new concepts and help acclimatize them to the world of B-school and corporate competitions.

  • To organize talks, summits, workshops, guest lectures, seminars, conferences, etc. by industry stalwarts.

  • To conduct workshops and study sessions to prepare juniors for their summer placements.


  • Workshop and Speaker Sessions– Conduct workshops and speaker sessions to provide a practical understanding of the world of finance

  • Inter/Intra College Competition – Arranging Cash Cow- Asset Allocation based competition, Mock Stock-based competition, Viteneeti- annual case study competition, etc.

  • Annual Publication – Bi-annual publication of finance and business magazine of IIFT Kolkata

  • Knowledge Transfers Sessions- Ensuring peer- to peer learning in finance in the form of knowledge transfer and doubt clearing sessions

  • Article Writing competition – Hosting a bi-annual national article writing competition on D2C gives students opportunities to showcase and further develop their research skills on topics that are highly relevant in today’s time

  • Finance Summit during Vivaan

  • Social Media Series – Regular posts on Instagram, LinkedIn: Saturday Synopsis- weekly news updates and Wednesday Wisdom- domain-specific knowledge sharing along with posts on critical updates like Budget Cut: Key highlights of the budget and many more.

  • External elective- Conducting elective in coordination with an esteemed company

  • Coordinating with CFA Institute, ICICI Bank, and batch for smooth conduct of their respective competitions

  • Panel Discussion- Conducting Arthashastra, a panel discussion of esteemed professors and distinguished industrialists on the budget and its impacts.

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Meet The Team

Senior Club Coordinators

Urvi Mundhra_Photo.jpg

Urvi Mundhra

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CFA L2 cleared. A kid at heart, finds solace in staring at the sky with music on.

Rhythm Sharma_Photo.jpg

Rhythm Sharma

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Risk Is What Keeps Us Young. Make memes for inner peace.

Navya Sodhani_Photo.jpg

Navya Sodhani

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CFA L2 Cleared. A wallflower who blooms for out-of-the-box conversations and whose love for nature is channelized through a paintbrush.​


Junior Club Coordinators


Isha Garg

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 I don’t need motivation, I need coffee

Kashyapa Chitta_14KA_Capital.jpg

Kashyapa Chitta

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Laughing helps relieve stress but Basketball does a job better for me

Sagar Poman_42KA_Capital.jpeg

Sagar Poman

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Chartered Accountant. In a world of constant chaos and regrets, seeking solace in nature and sunsets

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