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Systemix, the IT Consulting, Analytics, and Ecommerce Club at IIFT, aims at imparting technological knowledge & support to empower the students for the elite profiles in the IT industry and work effectively in the corporate world. We recognize that, as the world rapidly progresses toward the Digital Age, future leaders and managers will need to embrace technology to stay ahead of the curve. Our goal is to demystify and clarify technical topics and jargon so that they are more accessible to aspiring managers. 

Through numerous competitions, knowledge transfer sessions, and interactions with industry professionals in the field of IT, the goal is to instill interest in students in Information Technology and Analytics. Throughout the academic year, the club hosts a variety of activities to encourage students to learn about IT and Data Analytics.

  • Aims to inculcate passion and curiosity for technology in prospective young managers

  • Provides knowledge about various career options in technology – IT Consulting, Project Management, Technology marketing, Business Development etc.

  • Dedicated to educating about the functioning of the e-commerce industry and every step involved in starting one up

  • Arranges Business Analytics workshops in association with Industry leaders

  • Conducts Product Management course and Excel workshop by specialized personnel in those fields

  • Organizes various events & Case studies competitions by providing real-world data as this helps to understand the outside world issues and bridge the gap between the classroom and the corporate world.

  • Organizes guest lectures where industry experts working in the Information Technology and analytics domain for renowned organizations interact with students of IIFT about the latest trends in the industry


1. MindKrunch: An inter-college Strategy and Analytics Case Competition organized by the club for the participants to solve case studies that require both strategic and analytical skills. The final round requires presenting the solution in front of a jury of corporate veterans in the field of strategy and IT.

2. Strategy-Analytics Summit: Systemix conducts a National level IT conclave during Vivaan, the flagship International Business Summit at IIFT, that intends to provide an opportunity for the students to interact with the business leaders in the field of Information Technology and learn about the trends, issues and opportunities in the sector.

3. Article Writing Competition: Intra college Article Writing Competition to be held for both senior and junior batch. This helps to bring the opportunity to give words to students’ thoughts and showcase their hidden talent and pen down their thoughts and opinions

4. Instagram Quiz on D2C: Quiz would be on technical aspects to increase user engagement and let participants know the latest IT Trends.  The quiz competition focuses on inspiring students and promoting the idea of learning by having fun


Subject coverage

Below is the list of subjects being offered in the field of Information Technology:

Management in Information Systems, IT Applications in Management, Software Product Management, Data Analytic, Online Business and e-Commerce, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence, Data Modelling & Visualisation

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Meet The Team

Senior Club Coordinators

Rohit Krishna_100KB_Systemix.jfif

Rohit Krishna

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Techie. Mostly calm but definitely ambitious.


Kriti Verma

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Basically, The Goal is to make everyday feel Like how most people only feel on Fridays.


Vishal Salla

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A benevolent individual driven by curiosity, striving to make a positive impact in the world.

Junior Club Coordinators

Sreevidya Makkapati_Systemix_edited.jpg

Sreevidya Makkapati

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Harmonizing the realms of music and mind!

Bhavya Khanna_Systemix.jpg

Bhavya Khanna

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Juggling data , systems and smiles with ease!

Saideeksha Reddypally_Systemix.heic

Saideeksha Reddypally

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Turning coffee into code, and ideas into reality!

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