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Brandwagon, the marketing club of IIFT Kolkata, aims to bridge the gap between theory and practice.

We believe Marketing cannot be taught in closed classrooms. Our goal is to make students of IIFT marketing wizards by providing a platform for hands-on learning. Brandwagon fosters learning through National Marketing Competitions, Garage Sales, Conferences, Workshops, In-depth Videos, and Corporate Engagements.

The club also keeps students abreast with all the latest marketing trends through its Social Media Channels. This challenges individuals to move beyond jargon and clichéd theory and explore the real world of marketing.

Year-round, IIFTians have tremendous opportunities to showcase their creativity. They use their acumen to polish their marketing skill sets by investing time and effort in live projects and related activities. Brandwagon is happy to play a small role in enabling students bring out their ideas in the best light.


1. Annual Marketing Summit: Brandwagon conducts a Marketing and Sales based summit as part of Vivaan. Herein, industry veterans throw light on contemporary topics and the skills required to succeed in the industry and beyond. | November 2021

2. Marketing Workshop: FMCG Scientific Field Sales and Marketing Techniques Workshop conducted in association with ForeVision. Useful for summer internships as well as final placements. | March 2022

3. Marketing Quiz: Hosted in collaboration with the Quizardry Cell, the marketing quiz tests the acumen of the participants on marketing knowledge, trends, and changes. | April 2022

4. Hype It Up!: A national-level Ad-making competition as part of Runneeti. | July 2022

5. Case Study competition: A nationwide Case study competition in collaboration with a corporate to analyse and find creative solutions to various real-life challenges. | August 2022

6. Garage Sale: An annual event wherein students set up stalls to sell their products to help them gain a first-hand understanding of sales. | September 2022

7. Parivartan: Social Marketing Competition, in collaboration with Koshish, to develop plans to increase NGO visibility. | October 2022

8. Publishing MarkMantra: The marketing magazine of IIFT Kolkata is published after launching a Nationwide article writing competition revolving around a unique theme every year.



1. Marketing Sharks - The show Shark Tank India has garnered phenomenal popularity. The batch is divided into teams of 3. We pick out few of the start-ups that came on the show. The students are then asked to come up with a GTM strategy for the same.

2. Nature’s Market (Intra-college event) - We collaborate with any start-up which is making socially inclusive/environmentally friendly/innovative products and ask the students to design a Digital Marketing campaign for them.

Social Media Series:

1. The Wagon Tales: In-depth Video series wherein we dissect the marketing strategies of some of the most popular Indian brands and share the learnings on our YouTube Channel and other Social Media Platforms. | Monthly (ongoing)

2. M&Ms: A series of Social Media Posts to learn about various Marketing Metrics and terminologies in a jiffy. | Weekly (ongoing)

3. BWShorts: 1 to 1.5-minute videos of IIFT Alumni and industry experts answering the most commonly asked marketing questions in interviews during placements. | Bi-monthly (To be kick-started soon)

4. Topical Posts: Posts around 'what's buzzing in marketing'.

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Meet The Team

Senior Club Coordinators

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Ishanvi Mishra

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I don’t suffer from insanity, I enjoy every minute of it.

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Tanish Sharma

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The Brain behind the Buzz!

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I talk a lot, so I've learned to just tune myself out.

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