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Satvik Gupta_Media.jpeg

Satvik Gupta

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Jack of all trades, master of some :p

Mayuri Kshirsagar_Media_edited_edited_ed

Mayuri Kshirsagar

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I'm a butterfly of hues so bright, seeking life's flowers in colorful flight


Tanishq Khare

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Leave no stone unturned

Zenifa Yasmin_Media.jpeg

Zenifa Yasmin

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

I am an unsolvable paradox with a dry sense of humour

Keerti Dev Singh_Media.jpg

Keerti Dev Singh

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

All we have is now



  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

You do you and I'll do better



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This Story Has Been Yours All Along. You Just Didn't Know It.



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This part of my life, this part here, it’s called “Running.”

Aditya Singh_Media.jpg

Aditya Singh

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Dreamer with my head in the stars, feet on the ground

Mahima Choudhary_Media.jpg

Mahima Choudhary

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Like a sunflower chasing the sun, she follows happiness wherever it leads.


Meet The Team

Senior Executive Members

Arpit Yadav_68KB_IMF.jpg

Arpit Yadav

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Everything seems to be aesthetic if you see it through my lens.


Abhishek Bhati

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Too indecisive to pick a one-liner

Harsh Kumar_139KC_Media Committee.jpg

Harsh Kumar

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

A nice yet serious individual with a deadpan sense of humour.


Harsh Yadav

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

I used to be indecisive, but now I'm not so sure


Ishita Jhamb

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

The free soul is rare but you’ll know it when you see me



  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

I am so hilarious. I’m the only one who gets my jokes

Rajat Srivastava_38KA_Media Committee.jpg

Rajat Srivastava

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

I give myself admirable advice, but I am incapable of taking it.

S Sachin_edited.jpg

S Sachin

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

I am Sachin Subramaniam and adventure is my middle name.

Pratik Bajpai_97KB_Media.jpg

Pratik Bajpai

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Simple, Genuine & Sarcastic


Spriha Ranjan

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Follow your inner moonlight; Don’t hide the madness

Tanisha Gupta_113KB_Media Committee.jpg

Tanisha Gupta

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Chirpy at heart. Spreading love, laughter and smiles

Gaurav Arya_197KD_Media Committee_.jpg

Gaurav Arya

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Sophisticatedly not simple

Divya Gupta_76KB_Media Committee.jpeg

Divya Gupta

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Blessed, Thankful and Focused

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Student Body Summary
The media committee at IIFT Kolkata is a student-run body responsible for providing non-placement related information to media entities. The committee serves as a communication liaison between the administration and the media agencies outside IIFT.  The committee works in tandem with other societies at IIFT Kolkata making an effort to bring into the limelight every achievement and initiative that we are proud of. As the media committee, we believe in experimenting and catching up with the latest trends online and offline while keeping the aspirants, the alumni, and the larger network that IIFT Kolkata is involved with, updated.


Student Body Agenda
In its efforts to manage as well as promote the IIFT brand, the committee strives to keep the outer world abreast with its latest developments - from the institute's signature fest, VIVAAN and Tradewinds to the various national and international events its students participate in.

Since 2014, the committee has been organizing city chapter meets for the incoming batch to enhance the latter's awareness about IIFT's culture. If you are an aspirant, you might want to keep checking our updates on social media where we make an effort to make the post-IIFT-test process simpler with compendiums, videos and more.

The committee serves as the first point of contact between the institute’s administration and the incoming batch who are given the required amount of information about life at IIFT.

The committee also organizes the TEDx conference at IIFT which adds to the institute's rich culture of extramural engagements.

We also continually come up with videos and posters engaging the followers with information and updates from the IIFT Kolkata.

Student Body Initiatives 

The committee is responsible for Evolve series of videos on social media which captures the internship experience of the students of IIFT which gives insights into their process and learnings.

The committee also makes a series of Conquer which focuses on the winners of various competitions from this institution which can keep aspirants abreast about the recent trends and also give them an idea about what these competitions are all about.

We also prepare the Yearbook for the outgoing batch so they have all their memories in one place and look through their past whenever they want to.

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