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The Marketing Research Cell at IIFT Kolkata

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Market Research forms an essential prerequisite to forming creative marketing plans. In today’s age where people are spoilt for choices, it requires an aspiring marketeer to be a smart researcher, being abreast with techniques that make their marketing plan stand out from the rest. 

We at Markinos - The Marketing Research Cell at IIFT are here to help you strengthen your knowledge of the different Market trends and disruptions going on in the world with help of interesting sessions, competitions, social media posts, and much more.



The idea of Markinos as the Marketing Research Cell is to act as a bridge between the students and the domain of Marketing research, the knowledge of which is highly desirable in workspaces. Our efforts to help our batch strengthen their knowledge of the different market trends and disruptions going on in the world with help of interesting sessions, competitions and live projects will simultaneously enhance IIFT’s corporate engagement and visibility.


  • Workshop – Arranging Marketing Research workshops from well-known institutions to give exposure to the batch for the mark-tech world.

  • Inter/Intra College Competition – Arranging competition focusing on market research 

  • Annual Publication – Exciting compiled articles about Marketing Research

  • Guest Lecture Sessions

  • Organizing Knowledge Transfers Sessions, Workshops, competitions & Marketing Research conclave to keep the students abreast with industry norms

  • ARTICLE WRITING COMPETITION – Hosting DEEP DIVE the national article writing competition on D2C give students opportunities to showcase and further develop their research skills on topics that are highly relevant in today’s time

  • Marketing Summit during Vivaan

  • Social Media Series – Fact Bytes- series creating short crisp data-filled bites that will be easy to understand

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Meet The Team

Senior Cell Coordinators

Diya Dhanik_IIFT.jpg

Diya Dhanik

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On a constant lookout for myself

Harshal Jadhav_Prep Comm_IIFT.jpg

Harshal Jadhav

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I ❤ Analysing - I wonder why?

Shivangi Tiwari_IIFT.jpg

Shivangi Tiwari

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 If only a bio could cover the extremities of mine


Junior Cell Coordinators

Yashodhar Jain_117KB_Markinos.jpg

Yashodhar Jain

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An ambivert on a journey to explore and grow

Aryan Singh_189KD_Markinos.jpeg

Aryan Singh

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Most of the times I know exactly what to do

Sourabh Yadav_50KA_Markinos .jpg

Sourabh Yadav

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Staring in the abyss till it stares back at me

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