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About Scope

The IIFT Kolkata Supply Chain and Operations Energy Club (SCOPE) provides the ideal platform for aspiring students to develop an understanding of operations, which is becoming increasingly important in order to improve international trade operations. Due to customer preferences, terms such as reverse logistics, industry 4.0, and green logistics have gained prominence in the industry in this age of disruptive innovation. This presents a challenge for businesses and start-ups that are constantly evolving to incorporate their customers' preferences and tastes into their products and services.


Overall, the four domains of demand, production planning, logistics (customer satisfaction) management, and sustainable management are expected to grow in importance in the near future. Each domain necessitates the use of and knowledge of existing and emerging technologies. Our activities throughout the year would aid in the development of these skill sets.



  • The Supply Chain and Operations Energy club (SCOPE) focuses on providing the right platform for aspiring students to develop acumen in operations and supply chain which is becoming increasingly relevant to enhance international trade operations.

  • To provide a platform so that each member gets ultimate exposure and information about the operations, supply chain, and renewable energy industry. To edify the students about what the industry is, their roles, and functions.

  • To provide practical learning opportunities and facilitate interaction with experienced industry experts to gain insight and inspiration regarding different verticals in supply chain and operations.

  • To help the members to put their learning into perspective through participation in various B-School events, corporate competitions, and live projects.



  • Plant visits: Industrial visits to world-class facilities help students in understanding the practical problems, their associated solutions, and the best measures employed to resolve them. SCOPE will be organizing industry/plant visits to renowned industries in the area.

  • Business summit (OperaTrade): During Vivaan, the annual Business Summit of IIFT Kolkata, SCOPE organizes OperaTrade in association with the BLASH club. We invite eminent leaders from the industry and the ministry to talk on the theme of the summit.

  • Simulation games with real-time data: Playing these simulation games helps students in visualizing the various strategies that are employed to achieve the optimum result by reducing the logistics cost.

  • Live projects: Through live projects, we try to imbibe a culture of practical working and understanding of the concepts.

  • Guest Lecture (Tark Vitark): We invite distinguished people in the Operations, logistics, and supply chain domain to speak about the upcoming trends and the best industrial practices in their respective fields.

  • Meet Sarah  series: The virtual operations teacher will be speaking on the lessons of history in supply chain, companies which are innovative in this segment and also concepts which form the basis of operations and supply chain industries.

  • Case competitions: We conduct case competitions, quizzes, and article writing competitions on national and inter-college levels so as to provide students opportunities to apply their MBA learnings to real-life problems.

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Meet The Team

Nikhil Yadav_93KB_SCOPE.jpg

Nikhil Yadav

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A curious individual with a tender heart and a thirst for knowledge and exploration.

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Kashish Alvina

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Trying very hard not to connect with people right now. Only cats!

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Akash Bhattacharjee

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I work hard and dream big!

Senior Club Coordinators


Junior Club Coordinators

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Siddhant Waychal

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Starve your distractions to death, feed your focus with life!

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Deeksha Yadav

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You dreams are never denied, only redirected


Darshan SS

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An experiencer with a thirst to Innovate

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