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Image by Dariusz Sankowski

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Pixcell is responsible for showcasing the legacy of IIFT Kolkata through the lens of a passionate community working towards providing an overview of the happenings at IIFT. We also collaborate closely with other clubs and cells in the student body by covering the activities and events and bring them forth onto the platform for keeping people abreast about the happenings at IIFT.


As the Photography cell, we aim to provide a platform for the students of IIFT to express themselves by capturing what they would like everyone to ponder upon. At Pixcell, members are recruited for their passion for photography, love for adventure and commitment to the community. We make priceless memories every day on campus. Pixcell helps eternally capture those beautiful memories in the form of photographs and videos, which also help forward those moments to the batches to come. It will be true to say that we capture the emotions of IIFT in a fraction of a second to cherish forever.



Feb’22 – 

Organized 'Campus Diaries', an Intra College Photography competition of IIFT Kolkata, witnessing participation from almost 50 participants and generating a footfall of about 2215 post interactions with 1706 likes and 94 comments.

Jun’ 22 onwards – 

1. Tyohar (A new series to celebrate festivals from diverse cultures)
2. Vishishth (A new series celebrating the important occasions in a month with posts on the specific date)
3. Logo Redesign contest to be conducted on D2C (Open to All)

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Senior Cell Coordinators

Hrishiraj Sharma_224Kd_Pixcell.jpg

Hrishiraj Sharma

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 “I’m funny, right? What do you know? You’re a door. You only like knock-knock jokes.”

Soumita Mondal_169KC.jpg


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Capturing the essence of a place through its people and culture- a curious person on the move

Sanjali Chaudhary_103KB_PixCell.jpg

 Sanjali Chaudhary

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Sanjali(noun, pronunciation: saan/juh/li) : someone who likes to read books, click photos, sleep, gossip, play tennis, sleep(Did I mention it before?)


Ayushi Prasad

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 Eat, Sketch, Click, Repeat!

Junior Cell Coordinators

Himanshu Katewa_Pixcell_edited.jpg

Himanshu Katewa

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The most meaningful moments in life do not show up on your calendar or to-do list

Divyanshu Ranjan_PixCell.jpeg

Divyanshu Ranjan

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I'm skeptical of anyone who tells me they do yoga everyday. That's a bit of a stretch

sahithi sritha_PixCell_edited.jpg

Sahithi Sritha

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Stressed yet blessed!

Akshaya Chakri_pixcel.JPG

G V Akshaya Chakri

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Just like the Christopher Nolan movies, if ykyk

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