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Product Management Cell

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There has been a sharp rise in the number of firms offering product management roles in recent past. With digital products furthering business growth, this uphill trajectory will carry on in the coming future.

The Product Cell aims to create a platform to help the student community streamline their preparation for careers in Product Management and keep them updated with the latest trends. The Product Cell’s vision is to help students in their journey to become the Product Managers of tomorrow by connecting them with opportunities, providing resources to learn, and helping them prepare for interviews.


The Product Cell will be a group of Product Enthusiasts and aims at creating a vibrant and inclusive learning community for anyone interested in Product Management

We aim to lead the product management domain in all b-schools and create an identity as a sought-after B-school for this upcoming domain.



  • Responsible for developing an acumen of case-study solving in students with a penchant for Product Management.

  • Responsible for the inception of IIFT's Product Management Blog and authoring pieces on the latest happenings in the world of Product, Design, and UX

  • Publishing a monthly "Product of the month" blog aimed at dissecting distinct design choices, UX elements & user journeys within digital applications and products.

  • Organizing Knowledge Transfers Sessions, Workshops, competitions & Product management conclave to keep the students abreast with industry norms

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Meet The Team

Senior Cell Coordinator


Aneesha Panda

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"Multi-faceted enthusiast, blending business acumen, tech savvy, athletic passion, and a dash of fashion finesse into one unstoppable package."

Sourav Sinha_110KB_TPC.HEIC

Shaikh Sthanka

Sourav Sinha

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“Life is a game learn the rules and play to the best of your ability” - Keep learning keep playing


Vishwaraj Jaiswal

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“Carpe Diem”

Junior Cell Coordinator

Sakthi Subramanian_TheProductCell.jpg

Sakthi Subramanium

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Be stubborn on vision but flexible on details

Kashish Pahwa_TheProductCell.JPG

Shaikh Sthanka

Kashish Pahwa

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Life's too short to not enjoy the journey while still aiming for the stars.


Jigyaasa Sharma

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To err is human, but being able to blame it on someone else shows management potential.

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