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The Public Policy Club of IIFT Kolkata endeavors to provide an understanding of public policy - a domain at the intersection of business, government, and politics that has gained massive relevance in recent times.

Public Policy Club intends to popularise and explain the various facets of this domain to the student fraternity and help them in comprehending the nuances of multi-level interactions between government, businesses, and society, both in the national and the international environment, thus equipping them for an illustrious career in business and/or public service.

The club encourages debates, dialogues, and a mutual sharing of ideas on various forums to augment theoretical knowledge with practical learning and seeks to work closely with the industry, government, civil society, and various organizations on areas of national importance, offering students invaluable insights into the reality of policy-making and its impact on the country.


Initiatives :

  1. “Arthashastra”: A budget discussion by eminent speakers of the subject (in collaboration with Capital) | February 2022

  2. “Tark Vaad” – Intra College Parliamentary Debate (in collaboration with TLC) | January 2022

  3. “Policy Cast”: Online Podcast with digital audio episodes focused on important policy issues | March 2022

  4. Quiz competition on Independence Day (in collaboration with Quizardry) |August 2022

  5. “IIFT Model United Nation” - academic activity in which students can learn about diplomacy, international relations, and the United Nation through speaking, writing and debate | August 2022

  6. “Lok-Niti”: Article writing competitions on contemporary issues in the public policy domain | 2 weeks after Vivaan

  7. Annual Public Policy and Leadership Summit: Public Policy Club in collaboration with The Leadership Cell conducts an annual Public Policy and Leadership Summit as part of Vivaan, the annual international business summit of IIFT Kolkata. Herein, industry veterans throw light on contemporary topics and the skills required to succeed in the industry and beyond. | Vivaan


  1. Session Highlights - special post on highlights of Indian Parliamentary Monsoon Session | February 2022


Social Media Series:

  1. Niti Parichay: Weekly update on new and existing policies, geopolitics, and other significant national and global developments | Weekly (ongoing)

  2. Session Highlights: Summary of the major legislations, development, achievements, and failures of each parliamentary session | Thrice a year (ongoing).

  3. Desh Videsh: Overview and description of the biggest geopolitical headline of each month. | Monthly (ongoing)

Social Media


Meet The Team

Senior Club Coordinators

Vivek Chauhan.jpg

Vivek Chauhan

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Passionate about politics, philosophy & poetry


Sucheta Rout

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Attracted by schedules more than plans


Parijat Choudhury

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Curious individual in a lifelong pursuit of good conversations


Junior Club Coordinators


K N Neelambhari

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 Forever is the sweetest con

Ekansh_77KB Photo.jpg

Ekansh Roy Karmakar

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A person who loves the journey more than destination


Utkarsh Raj

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Exploring various walks of life with a bit of luck and loads of hard work

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