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The Quizzing Cell at IIFT Kolkata

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Quizardry is the quizzing cell of IIFT (Kolkata campus) set up with the objective of promoting the culture of quizzing and encouraging students of IIFT to participate in various intra and inter-college quizzes across India. At Quizardy, we intend to provide the students a valuable insight into non-academic aspects of the business world and beyond, so they get an opportunity to mold their careers at a higher level by keeping abreast of the latest happenings around the world.


IIFT has a very rich past of producing national-level quiz winners at prestigious events like TATA Crucible. We aim to carry forward that legacy by acting as active facilitators through which students can learn, practice, and sharpen their quizzing skills as well as keep themselves updated.


  • Conducting regular quizzes across domains and genres for the students

  • Organizing quizzes at the intercollegiate level, including IIFT Kolkata’s flagship annual B-School Quiz Competition “The Silk Route” during Vivaan

  • Popularizing quizzing activities among students

  • Encouraging student participation in quizzes both at and beyond IIFT

  • Keeping the students updated with all the major happenings around the world 


  • Promoting the culture of quizzing on the campus through regular initiatives

  • Increasing the social media traction of Quizardry across different platforms

  • Informing and facilitating the participation of students in various quiz competitions being held across B-schools 

  • Domain-specific quizzes on areas like Finance, Marketing, Trade, etc. in collaboration with every cell and club

  • Be The Quizzard: Winners of weekly quizzes to be crowned as Quizzards of the Week and given shoutouts on our social media handles

  • Conducting grand business quizzes covering several domains and current happenings to prepare the batch for events like TATA Crucible.

  • Preparing current affairs modules to keep the batch updated with the recent happenings

  • Conducting quizzes on genres like sports and entertainment based on popular demand from the batch.

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Meet The Team

Senior Cell Coordinators

Puneet Singla_Photo.jpg

Puneet Singla

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Play, watch and talk football: in this order

Anant Maheshwari_Photo.jpg

Anant Maheshwari

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Quiz Quiz hota hai Anjali, tum nahi samjhogi!

Aditya Karmakar_Photo.jpg

Aditya Karmakar

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Food, Travel, and Quizzing are things that I can never get enough of!


Junior Cell Coordinators

Ekanksh Gupta_17KA_Quizardry.jpeg

Ekanksh Gupta

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 Love to use the fine line between crazy and genius as a bungee rope.

Kavya Johari_26KA_Quizardry.jpg

Kavya Johari

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The Only Thing I'm Not Good At Is Modesty Because I'm Great At It.

Rishi Nigam_159KC_Quizardry.jpg

Rishi Nigam

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 A perpetual traveler who is trying to find an oasis in the desert of life.

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