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Committee Summary

It can often be a challenge for students to build relationships when moving to a new place. Getting involved in activities outside of academics can help students meet new people with whom they share interests. They improve their social and other skills as a result. This adds more personality and goes a long way in distinguishing one from the rest of the crowd. Renaissance: The Sports and Cultural Committee of IIFT Kolkata provides the perfect platform for talented young artists and athletes to nurture their talent and utilize it to the best of their abilities.

Renaissance, meaning rebirth was primarily a time of the revival of classical learning and wisdom after a long period of cultural decline and stagnation. At IIFT Kolkata, Renaissance helps to keep the various forms of art alive. It begins its journey every year with a welcome event for the juniors, ‘Breakfree’ in August which gives the much-required respite from the hectic schedule. After a minor caesura, we have the most awaited intra-college competitions called ‘Battle by the Lakes’ in October, where all the sections participate in various sports and cultural events with relentless spirit making way for one section to win the trophy. And as a token of appreciation to our non-teaching staff, we have ‘Thanksgiving’ in January as a day to celebrate all their efforts for us throughout the year. 

In the month of February, the highly competitive ‘Titanomachy’ takes place in which different teams come up and fight each other in various sports events with the whole college cheering for their favourite teams. In March, we then begin the journey for the Annual Cultural fest – ‘Advait’, wherein we have a wide range of events ranging from Nukkad, Dance, Singing, Dramatics, Comedy and many more which provides a platform for the students to bring out their hidden talents.

Then we bid adieu to all the seniors with a farewell in March, to show how grateful and indebted we are for their efforts throughout the year. In addition to all these, we have events throughout the year to celebrate various festivals happening and cherish the diversity which our culture has to offer. We also organize Open Mic, Karaoke nights and Heritage walks to explore the beautiful city of Kolkata with its rich heritage.

Here at IIFT, Renaissance help students to find the epitome of work life balance and make sure every student enjoys their B-school life with high spirits and fun!

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