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“Do we contribute to society because we are successful or are we successful because we contribute to society?”

At 'Koshish' – the Social Awareness Cell of IIFT, we provide a platform for students to contribute towards creating a shared value for society. With the increasing importance attached to ethics and sustainability, it has become increasingly pertinent for managers to share the same values. The club is involved in various activities like sensitizing the budding future managers and entrepreneurs towards the grassroots problems of the society and the needs of the people; spreading the message of social, ecological, and ethical responsibility amongst students who will be the leaders of tomorrow; spreading awareness about the CSR initiatives and activities that are part of the industry, and imparting knowledge regarding terms like ‘ethical consumerism’ and ‘socially responsible investing.


The cell posts regularly on our social media handles about various social, and environmental topics and sustainable practices prevalent in the industry.


  1. Started a new series “ Grateful Fridays” on our social media handles where batch can share their stories of gratitude to spread positivity.

  2. Planning to launch a new series where we explain CSR and sustainable practices of companies on our social media handles.

  3. Planning to organize a blood donation drive on campus by collaborating with local NGOs and Hospitals

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Senior Club Coordinators


Anudeep Katta

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A compassionate heart with a curious mind


 Kanika Kapoor

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 Goal Digger with a Smiling face worth melting for

Junior Club Coordinators



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I'd rather have an 'oops' than a 'what if'

Siddharth Bhattacharya_Koshish.jpg

Siddharth Bhattacharya

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I think my personality is a mixture of Ron Swanson and Michael Scott

Dhananjay Kumawat_Koshish_edited.jpg

Dhananjay Kumawat

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Searching for a meaning

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