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IIFT Kolkata Toastmasters Club is affiliated with Toastmasters International and provides a supportive and constructive learning environment in which members can develop communication and leadership abilities, leading to increased self-confidence and personal growth.
We give members a learning experience and ensure their progress on the leadership and communication tracks by holding fortnightly club meetings. Every meeting includes a prepared speech, table subject round, and assessment segment, in which members can develop their leadership and public speaking skills by acting as TMOD, Evaluator, Grammarian, and other roles.
We are proud of our members' willingness to assist one another in preparing for placements, presentations, oratory, and leadership.


Speech contests are a Toastmasters tradition.  Competition begins with club contests, and winners continue competing through the Area, Division, and District levels. Winners of the District level International Speech Contest proceed to the region quarterfinal level. Following the region quarterfinals, winners advance to the semifinals for a chance to take part in the World Championship of Public Speaking.

Joint Meetings - Joint meetings are conducted with different corporate, institutional, and community clubs.

Division Level Meetings - 12 clubs across various parts of the country from different institutions, corporates, and community clubs.A

The Toastmasters Club at IIFT Kolkata

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Meet The Team

Vipul Yadav_116KB_Toastmasters.jpg

Vipul Yadav

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Sergeant at Arms

Sailani Sharma_162KC_TMSECRETARY.jpeg

Sailani Sharma


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Hrishiraj Sharma_224Kd_ Toastmasters.jpg

Hrishiraj Sharma

Vice President (ED)

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Suneha Gupta_79KB.png

Suneha Gupta


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Mirali Sridhar_Toastmasters_Secretary .jpeg

Mirali Sridhar


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Siddharth Bhattacharya_Toastmasters.jpg

Siddharth Bhattacharya

VP Public Relations

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Sagrika Mahajan_E Cell.jpeg

Sagrika Mahajan

Sergeant at Arms

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