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The idea of BLASH (Buy Low And Sell High)- the International Trade Club, is to act as a bridge between the students and the domain of trade. The goal of the club is to complement the different subjects of the trade taught to the students by organizing challenging and insightful events which give the batchmates a simulated experience and help them prepare better for the world of trade.

We organize competitions, workshops, panel discussions, live projects, and knowledge sessions and deliver regular social media content which attracts students more towards trade and keeps them apprised of the recent developments.

The club’s vision is to engage students in topics related to Trade and help them gain the knowledge and skill needed to excel in it.


1. Annual Trade Summit (Nov 2021): The club organizes panel discussions for Vivaan under the International Trade Summit of IIFT Kolkata. This year, the club organized a host moderated panel discussion on Rethinking Global Supply Chain for a post-pandemic world.


2. MCX FMECT Certification (March 2021): The club also offers an external elective/ certification course in partnership with MCX, (Multi Commodity Exchange) on Fundamentals of Metal and Energy Commodity Trading. The course comprises of 20hrs of classroom content, followed by quizzes and other evaluation components. An illustrative list of topics includes Basics of commodity markets, price risk management strategies, understanding of market operations, etc.

A market-accepted certification is provided by MCX to all eligible students.

3. Case study competitions

COMTRA Competition (Aug 2021): Be A Trader, Create A Business Plan

An intra-college trade-oriented competition held in September focuses on creating an export-oriented business plan.


OPERATRADE (Planned for Nov 2022): Case Study Competition 

A national-level case study competition in collaboration with the D2C platform where the competitors would be given a real-life trade case challenge

4. Live Projects (Dec-March 2021): Live projects play an active role in terms of providing the practical prospect of theories in real-life scenarios. This year’s engagements included projects with ALIMCO and Monosha Biotech.

5. Trade Analytics Webinars- Under Pragati (Feb 2021): Webinars focussing on skill sets that the students will need in addition to their academic knowledge in the domain of trade. The event features discussions from recognized industry stalwarts on practical topics. 




Social Media Series:

1. Social Media Presence &  Knowledge Transfer Engagements

  • Updated Trade bits covering 4 subparts (Trade Jargons, Geographic location, Laws &

regulations, and the trending current affair)

  • Week 1(The Disintegrator): The article is on a topic pertaining to trade theories and concept

  • Week 2(The Geographic View): The article is on a topic discussing the geographic importance of certain locations that contribute heavily to trade. (Prominent Straits and Ports)

  • Week 3(The Trade Observer): An article on laws and regulations. Their updates, importance, and primary status impacting globalization. (Allocations, Acts, and updates)

  • Week 4(Trade Trending): A bit on the major current affair that was the hot topic for that specific month.

The objective of Trade Bits: Knowledge-driven weekly articles published with the goal of helping the students broaden their horizons in International Trade

Social Media


Meet The Team

Senior Club Coordinator


Shivang Dahake

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 Curiously exploring the world every day. Life’s motto: “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish”

Suravi Agarwal_IIFT_Informal.jpg

Suravi Agarwal

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Carefree and happy. If there’s a murder at a restaurant, you still find me eating my food.

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Subham  Sinha

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Eat. Equity. E-sports


Junior Club Coordinators

Sanjay Sooryanarayanan_163KC_Blash.jpeg

Sanjay Sooryanarayanan

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Passionate traveler on a quest for new adventures in life


Swastik Praharaj

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Nada especial. Life Jiggles between Football, Food and Films


Vishishta Garg

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Cautious Dreamer-Reckless Doer

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